The Savior – Shimano Di2 Dynamo/USB Charger


Charging Di2 from a dynamo or a regular 5V USB-C wall phone charger. How to use Shimano Di2 for Bikepacking/Ultra-distance cycling and touring   Available Winter 2023/ Spring 2024.

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Di2 Charger

  • It takes either 5V USB-C connection (widely and universally available)
  • or Dynamo power from a hub/bottle, etc dynamo (compatible with virtually all dynamos on the market) selectable with a switch
  • Overvoltage protection (when in dynamo mode)
  • LED indication for Charging (Red) and Done/Full (Blue)
  • Connects to ANY e-tube (Di2) port (in 12 speed r9200, r8100 etc) you MUST run a cable from the battery to the charger (or connect it directly to the battery). The Savior does NOT work wirelessly.
  • Compact. Fits neatly in virtually all handlebars, replacing the end plug or tucks in a (handlebar)bag, attaches to the cables with zipties, etc.
  • Achieving 100% output from 12-15kph (8-10mph) in dynamo mode
  • 1.5-2h to full charge (depending on battery charge and ambient temperature) from 15kph (10mph) when in dynamo mode.
  • Lightweight (~100g) and Compact (70 x 22 x 22mm LxHxD)
  • Made in France

Full article on how The Savior was born is available here

Limitations and Disclaimer

  • While you are charging using The Savior, the gear shifting does NOT work (there is no damage or anything done to the system). As soon as you switch The Savior off, the system wakes up and works as normal.
  • The Savior is NOT approved by Shimano and might void your warranty. Use at your own risk
  • All trademarks and brand names are property of their respective owners
  • Cycling is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serous injury or death.


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Weight ,45 kg
Dimensions 75 × 22 × 22 cm